Friday, November 11, 2016

A Haiku challenge for the Georgia Nutts Guild

Create 3 to 4 separate haiku poems that can stand as one or separately.


Slowly the music dies
But the carefree beat remains.
Translation, freedom.

The grass fans my knees.
I tumble and stumble.
Free in its embrace

I held broken locks
They are weights in my hands
Time to let them go.

Pallid, drifting dunes
Snow covered hills of mourning
Blood soaked soil beneath

Brittle vines frozen
Winter’s tacit secrecy
Memories of war

Young futures stolen
Bodies beneath morning’s haze
War at Nomonhan

We are made of it
Light, fluffy, space within us
Air consumes everyone

Burning light flares
Warmth causing delightful rays
Blue, red white flashes

Fluid movement wave
Life cannot survive without
Dancing blues abound

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