Friday, November 22, 2013

October 18th, 2013 exercise: Stories from Words. Read Georgia

October 18th, 2013 exercise: Stories from Words


Short Limerick by Dap Tales

There once was a short man from Tallsville
Who was called stumpy, tiny and Shortsville
He put on some stilts
Then covered it with quilts
And with a stunning trip
That was the end of Shortsville.


 Soaked full by Al Falaq 

Thompson finished praying.  Gingerly, he set down his aged, leather bound book before glancing absently at the clear jar close by, its carefully prepared contents doing their work inside the gleaming glass.  He wiped the heat of the day off his brow with an old handkerchief.  Jasmine’s soon ex-beau, Willem, writhed slowly on the ground near his feet.
            “Not quite done, yet, but soon,” he said to the prone figure, wiggling like a bug in the sun.  He idly wiped a drop of blood from his chin, dripping from his lip, busted courtesy of Willem, a few moments prior.  “Didn’t know if you would go down, or what,” he continued.  “But I promised my niece, and I'ma see this through.”  He regarded the jar again.  “Not soaked through all the way, just yet.”
            As if on cue, Willem began gagging, then coughing.  A deep gurgling began issuing from inside him, choking off his breath.  “Here we go,” Thompson muttered.  Babbling like a brook through stones, water suddenly issued forth from Willem’s open mouth, washing over his face, drowning his horror stricken eyes.  He choked and trembled, struggling against the geyser in his throat.
            “Should'a kept your hands off Jasmine, boy,” Thompson offered coldly.  He turned to pick up the jar, looking at the tiny cloth doll within.  It lay idle at the bottom, saturated in its bath of clean, sparkling water, fully soaked through-and-through.


 Untitled by Mia Maine

Adventure-seeker, portrait-taker, music connoisseur, fire- starter, S’mores-maker, memory-collector, storyteller, princess-protector, boyfriend screener, heartbreak-healer, obliterator of nightmare monsters…homework-helper, jar-opener, top shelf item-retriever, lifter of heavy objects, chauffeur, driving-instructor, makeshift mechanic…bread winner, value-instiller, prayer teacher, fear quencher…honor’s guard, love’s example, hope’s champion…
                                                                                    …defender of dreams…



High by Jeani Brent

“Dude, got any kiff?”
“Nah man, don’t you know?”
“Know what?  You outta da biz?  What’s the fuck with that man?”
“Are you daft bitch?  Everyone’s outta the biz.  The shit’s legal now!”
“Yeah, but I tried to get one of those medical marijuana cards, and it was hella expensive.”
“Dude, it’s not just medical marijuana, it’s all legal.”
“Whaaaah?You’re fuckin’ with me now.”
“OK, let’s go for a ride.”
“Uh, where we going?”
“You’ll see.”
“We takin’ your car?”
“Do you have a car?”
“Well no shit we’re taking my car.”

“Dude, we’re at the grocery store.  Do you expect me to believe I can buy weed at the grocery store?”
“We’re not going to the grocery store.  See that small building in the parking lot?  That’s where we’re going.  You got you ID with you, right?”
“Good, now come in and walk up here to this counter.”
“Hi, my friend’s looking to make a purchase.  Can you explain to him how this works?”
“Sure.  What kind of experience are you looking for?”
“Uh, I just wanna get high.”
“OK, we have this one here that produces a good, quick high that last for a couple of hours.  But, if you’re looking for something longer lasting, that one there will give a lower, slower high; it can last all day.  And, we have several in between.  Which would you like?”
“I, I’d like both the short and the long.”

“Yo, I’m sure glad we got back to your place before we lit up.  This shit gives a crazy high.  I love it!  And the price was good too!”
“I told ya!”