Friday, March 29, 2013

The Georgia Nutts: GNG Observation Exercise

The GNG were asked to try their skill at a short observation exercise that should be no longer than 2 paragraphs.

He is back by Yvonne Renee Walker
There she goes again, every day at the same time of day, like clockwork.  As a matter of fact I set my watch to her movements because she is that predictable.  Same blue jeans, white tank top and oversized checker button down shirt with paint stains. She skipsdownstairsthen a pause and a smile, then walks across the kitchen, wipes down countertop, looks out window and asks:
“Kali, did you finish your homework?” cocking one eyebrow up as she folds her arms and leans against the sink.
“Yes, I did, like I always do,” huffing into my now soggy fruit loops.  Yep, just like clockwork.  Then she will turn around glancing out the window again while brushing her shoulder length brown hair behind her ear and sighing to herself.  Life is so… Wait… Is that a smile? No, it can’t be! He’s back! The corners of her mouth are making those little crinkles and yup, there are those pearly whites. He’s back! Dad is back!

Ooomm by DAP Tales

I heard myself say it before the darkness came. Ooomm. Is that my name? I want to reach out and touch… what is it that I want to touch – the dark? The darkness touches me. It is all around me and then, like a tiny hole in the middle of the darkness I can see the light. I watch this hole grow and grow. It is a shapeless mass, eating the dark that surrounds it. I should try to think … I should care about my location, but I don’t, because the mass of light grows and I am transfixed.

The Georgia Nutts: Yvonne Renee Walker -- Poem

Yvonne Renee Walker
A tribute for my father. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. My family and I truly appreciated them.

A man gone too soon

A husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son, an uncle, a friend
A man of quiet reflection
A man of hard won insight
A man of unyielding strength
A man of respectful word
With fiery determination and an open heart, you touched our lives
With music and knowledge, you taught us freedom
With a hard hand and honest truths, you influenced our present
With laughter and love, you gave us you for a lifetime
Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, you showed strength
Through the ups and downs, you showed us mercy
Through your life, you showed us a brand new world
A husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son, an uncle, a friend
A man gone too soon, we honor you with our love