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What we expect from you…

1.      To participate with 100% if your attention during the meetings and to do your very best.
2.      Be willing offer help and to be open to asking for help.
3.    Be prepared to offer and receive constructive feedback on works created inside the group setting. This is how we help each other become better writers.

As a member you are entitled to …

1.      Our devotion to the GNG mission, especially during meetings.
2.      Once you achieve full member status, you will be entitled to the available free promotion, to advertise yourself as a writer or your works of art at our vending locations and other promotion material – on paper or online. If you stop participation in exercises and meetings, you will be graduated to an alumni member. Product promotion is not included with this type of membership 

      Three stages of Membership:

      Pledge: New member; under 3 meetings. Not eligible for online and paper promotion.
      Active Member: Eligible for online and paper promotion after 3 meetings

      Alumni Member: No longer attends meetings but are always welcome at events. Members can participate and receive member discounts at any of our events. Not eligible for online and paper promotion.

Not all of our events are mandatory. 

Vending: A table is set up, (sometimes under a tent) with RGN and PB Ink Corp products for sale. When we are not selling, we are writing. Full and active members can advertise for free (as space is available) in our promo-brochures or have their own. If you would like to be there to sell a book or other artwork, your fee will be 10% of the cost that we paid to rent the spot. That option is only available as space allows.

Free-write: In an effort to find the time to write and work on our individual projects and goals, we meet once or twice a month at a coffee shop, library or other interesting location to inspire writing. It is called a free-write because there are no appointed exercises.

GA Blogger on Friday on FB: The RGN has a group page on called Georgia Bloggers and Blog Readers. You do not have to be a member of the GNG to be a member of the group page. We advise that you post the latest link to your latest blog on that page and visit the links as well as comment on the blogs of other local bloggers. Active blogs links are re-posted on our Twitter page as well as promoted at vend and free-write locations on paper.

Honey Nutt: You do not have to be a member to become a Honey Nutt. A Honey Nutt is a marketing companion to the RGN. They are paid $10 per hour, up to 3 hrs. per week.
Duties: Have or create a blog to help promote the RGN
            Distribute flyers at vend or free-write events.
            Be the friendly face and an ambassador of the RGN
            Post on the FB pages and invite others to join.
            Visit sites and recommend other local talent to the RGN manager, Deri P. Bates.

Patrick Bates Ink Corp.

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