Monday, September 15, 2014

A GNG exercise in Alliteration. Read Georgia Nutts

A GNG exercise in Alliteration. Read Georgia Nutts

Mia Maine

Wendy watched a west wind wave wildflowers wickedly while William watched Wendy with wanton wonderment.

Yvonne Renee Walker

Qubert quickened the quest after quiet Quincy queried. Quincy quarreled with Qubert.

Al Falaq

Uhurra's ululating undertone ultimately undermined us. Unless other units united usefully, with urgency, ubiquitous underlings urinated unanimously.

Jeani Brent

Miss Mary was mired in muck after meandering the mangroves during her misadventure to find mollusks for her main man Mark, who marched to the music of myriad musicians.

Dap Bates

Carl carved a concaved carcass for Carnival. Congested, with a cold, Carl carried the carcass carefully but it catapulted, causing a caravan catastrophe

Ana'Gia Wright

Wonderful writing willing wistful wanderings.